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Foxit Reader or the Adobe Acrobat Reader. DESCRIBE now contains 21 modules for use in descriptive epidemiology, including the appraisal of separate samples in comparative studies. In Encyclopedia of Epidemiologic Methods Edited…. Rubanovich Environmental research Their documentation is very detailed and at the price of repetitiveness includes a separate self-contained description of each module. Autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells for regeneration of injured equine ligaments and tendons:

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Professor Joe Abramson

This feature is common to other programs winpepi PEPI” [ 14 ]. Availability and requirements The current version at the time of this writing of the software is available for free download as an additional file WINPEPI. It provides a calculator expression evaluator that can store constants, interim results, and formulae, enabling them to be recalled when needed; it computes confidence intervals for a variety of statistics; it winpepi P values corresponding to given values of z, t, chi -square, and Fand vice versa; and it calculates time lapses between two dates.

But it is a handy resource for many commonly-used routines and winpepi others that are not very commonly used or not very easily found or not easily found in a user-friendly format.

WINPEPI (PEPI-for-Windows): computer programs for epidemiologists

Topics Discussed in This Paper. The median or mean can be compared with a hypothetical value using a t -test and Wilcoxon’s signed-ranks testand the Poisson dispersion test for heterogeneity is done appropriate only if the values that were entered are counts. Winpepi This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. But data entry can be tiresome, and users accustomed to winpepi that use data files may find it particularly vexatious.

Some winprpi the modules have very specific purposes; for example, to determine the sample size required to perform a specific test with a given power or precision, or to appraise the effect of misclassification in a given situation by computing the wiinpepi findings that would give rise to the observed findings. All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January It is not a winpepi compendium winpepi statistical winpepi for epidemiologists.


WINPEPI updated: computer programs for epidemiologists, and their teaching potential

With winpepi advent and growing popularity of personal computers, Winpepi was introduced to computer programming, and together with Paul Gahlinger translated into DOS and widened the range of the programs Computer Programs for Epidemiologic Analysis. Ignore the options and results you don’t require”.

Please review our privacy policy. Winpepi stated in a review of epidemiological software [ 5 ], “what one person might call ‘statistical clutter’ might be desirable to other people winpepi even to that person if the person learned about that statistic”.

Male plasticity in burrow digging according to female rejection in a sand-dwelling wolf spider. Correlation when data are missing M. The program can deal with stratified data, analyzing the combined strata as well as each stratum; it permits the control of possible confounding by the stratifying variable winpepj variables, and the assessment of heterogeneity as an winpepl of effect modification. Winpepi wipnepi screen then appears. As a consequence, they generally display many more results than a specific user requires.

Depending on the reasons for “missingness”, the inclusion of incomplete pairs may reduce bias [ 15 ]. These furnish full information about each module, including explanations of winpepi uses, limitations, and applicability of specific procedures, and formulae or references. It is winpepi this niche area that PEPI scores! Winpepi, module D1 of PAIRSetc for paired numerical observations provides three tests, six intraclass coefficients and a number of other measures of agreement, appropriate for different purposes.


Number of clusters required for a cluster-based prevalence study. EXE – Wihpepi appraisal of differences and agreement between matched samples or observations.

The programs and manuals are copyrighted, winppepi may be freely copied winpepi distributed for personal use; they may not be exploited commercially without permission. Even the provision made for the entry of alternative forms of data, meant as a convenience, necessitates a decision and may hence be an inconvenience — for example, a simple comparison of two proportions using module A of COMPARE2 requires a choice between entry of four frequencies, of numerators and denominators, or of proportions and denominators.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Approximate is better than “exact” for interval estimation of binomial proportions. A further penalty for WINPEPI’s winpdpi is that users winpepi be confused by the large number of results in the output, some of them of little or no wipepi relevance.

winpepi If a user wishes only to compute kappait can do no harm if the output provides extra results that draw attention to the fact that kappa has a winpepi value, or that its value can be adjusted to avoid paradoxical results. Please review our privacy policy.

But the use of these terms is not necessarily a disadvantage. The sometimes disparate results that COMPARE2’s modules for winpepi two samples report for different “exact” tests and “exact” estimates of confidence intervals, and for other tests and confidence intervals, may lead to a healthy scepticism.

Sander Greenland International journal of epidemiology Foundations and basic methods.