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It also enables users to be able to browse anything on internet even what is secured with passwords. According to UltraReach Internet its developer , these services are used by millions for over 7 years now, reaching a daily hit number of close to million and a traffic quota daily of 8 TB. UltraSurf provides more functions than it appears to on the surface. It’s free and it allows me to surf the net in China where they have many restrictions. You can use socks.

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About Ultrasurf and Ultrareach – Internet Freedom, Privacy, and Security

Protect your privacy while staying online. The latest version is Using this software, you can not only browse all kind.

It also defends your Internet privacy and safety. This software is portable and can be saved ultrasjrf a flash. UltraSurf uses encryption protocols to ensure your Internet information is kept safe, very useful for not being traceable and to u98 ultrasurf annoying firewalls when navigating through complex proxy servers. The importance of privacy Advertisement.

Ultrasurf Download (Free) – uexe

Click stars to rate this APP! UltraSurf is widely acclaimed by the general public, since it makes ultraskrf global Net free against censorship, fostering worldwide communication. Ultrasurf is a neat Internet privacy protection tool that allows you u8 surf the web anonymously. It also allows users to download anonymously, without any kind of trace left behind them.


Always connected, always safe. U98 ultrasurf this way, your IP address will be hidden the moment you run UltraSurf on IE, and that is configurable, so you can do it in your favorite browser. Internet censorship circumvention Great Firewall of China vpn wifi safety microsoft windows internet help what do i write here this is redonclulous.

UltraSurf enhances your privacy thanks to its anonymous surfing mode Hides your IP address, thus protecting your computer against external attacks U98 ultrasurf functions that allow you to visit any kind of website Compatible with almost all browsers Different proxy ultrasirf to choose from.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

Windows Vista,XP, Search Ultraurf Marketing License: This allows you to reach webpages or multimedia content that would be impossible in any other way.

What do you like most about this program? If you decide to browse the Internet using a public computer, u98 ultrasurf tool is perfect for you, so you can have privacy and secure browsing.

Ultra Surf U98 Proxy Free Software

In the end, this application is still u98 ultrasurf of the best when it comes to hiding your IP. I really appreciate being able to get onto commonly used websites from overseas. Socks proxy u8 versatile proxy for all usage while the http ultrawurf can only be used for surfing. Ultra Passwords is a free password manager or safe which helps you to manage and Stores your passwords in a secure way.


This tool also deletes the history and the cookies u98 ultrasurf my web activities. It also helps the user to avoid their computer from revealing their different locations.

UltraSurf 16.03 Free Download

You can use socks. Pros Free and easy to use software Standalone application suitable for travelers.

As a disadvantage I would mention the fact that is closed source, and given the sensibility of this type of software it could very easy be doing something to help governments of certain countries i. Today ultra surf has over a million users.

This is where VPN technology can help. Users in countries without internet censorship also u98 ultrasurf it to protect their internet u98 ultrasurf and security. What similar programs have you used? The application is portable, it does not need an installation, and it is perfect for using from an USB device if you want to surf the Web on a public computer.

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