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Users can login as teachers or as administrators. They will gradually be updated or replaced. This app allows you to creat.. Potential use of WiFi for any Sync notified to system. Developer Website App Support. It has been used on a day to day basis to prompt refinement, further development, and fixing of problems.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Cookies deleted and disabled for tutorial view.

STEARsoft – Tutorials

I am a US K teacher and although this app includes some educational terminology specific to UK, it is still very useful and stearsoft to my needs. Create, delete, steasoft stearsoft class note now works correctly.

Had a few glitches at first; I posted a note to the developer in the online support thread for my issue, and he responded immediately, answering my questions and welcoming my suggestions. Stearsoft options are available for attendance data, attendance statistics, student details and student reports. Critical bug fix for the recent iOS 10 compatibility update. Tutorials for Individual Deployments single user These links are to youtube. Although the app for my iPad works great, the online stearsoft that you synchronize stearsoft is awful!


Improvements have also been made to timetable editing, incident properties and hint messages. Alora – Attendance Tracker App. When logged in as stearsoft, users can view their assigned timetable and classes. Messages sorted to have blanks at top.

Add single session, now defaults to 1st period if the current time is before the start of the day.

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Improved Sync settings interface. Changing stearsoft in a multi-user stearsoft. STEARsoft is a software solution designed to help teachers and schools keep digital attendance records while at the same time being reliable and easy to deploy.

Download this Lite App now to see what it looks like, then progress to the full version and wonder stearsoft you ever stearsoft without STEARsoft. STEARsoft is a graphical Attendance Register app for classroom teachers who want to keep regular school attendance records as efficiently as possible.

I plan to buy the upgrade. Create a seating stearsoft, record attendance, log b. Once the server is running, users can open a browser window and, using the address provided by the program, access its interface.

Cookies deleted and disabled for tutorial view. They can also import student information from ODBC-compatible databases.

STEARsoft Tutorials

Class note automatically brings up keyboard if stearsoft note. The program can also generate summaries and reports regarding classes or individual pupils. The recent update caused newer hardware like the iPhone7 to be unresponsive on the main attendance register screen. Top 10 Apps stearsoft StudyBlue.


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Information Stearsoft M Butler. Sync then zoom out stearsoft size stearosft fixed. The application features a web-based interface and can take advantage of a school’s intranet to enable users to record attendance or incidents using both PCs and Apple or Palm OS mobile devices. Nearpod is a must have platform that enables teachers, schools and districts to create engaging learning experiences by providing interactive presentations, collaboration, and real-time assessment too.

Delete sessions screen reordered to make more sense. This is a stearsoft application designed to streamline the way attendance records are handled. My trial period with the free Lite version demonstrated how useful the app is in my setting, and I upgraded to the full version.