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You can also use the TwinTube on individual tracks to help shape and place the track in the mix. View All Customer Reviews. Authentic plug-in version of the world-class SPL TwinTube tube effects processor Adds analog tube warmth, saturation and harmonic distortion to instruments and vocals Boosts presence and spatial imaging without increasing overall dynamic range Easy, intuitive interface and simple workflow Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform by SPL. The only downside I can think of is that I wish there was more of a color difference between the different harmonic frequency settings, but that’s not enough by far to knock a star off my review. I’m personally using this for Basses.

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See any errors on this page? Saturation Saturation effects are generated through the tube being pushed to and beyond its normal operating limits. It is already running in native for a few years and can’treally mess with the qualtiy like e.

Tips & Tricks — SPL TwinTube Processor Plug-In | Universal Audio

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Sylvin November 6, TwinTube also increases perceived loudness without changing actual gain, making it an incredibly useful tool to have in your signal-processing arsenal.

Its two fully independent stages — which can be run together or separately — provides an exceptionally wide-ranging spl twintube processor of sonic shaping, from twijtube and creamy overdrive to deep, growling saturation, with a range of harmonic overtones to add warmth.


Think about the frequencies you wish spl twintube processor enhance and then turn the Harmonics knob up until you like the sound. Acoustic Guitars The success in treating electric guitars depends on previous recording and processing gear and techniques: Often further EQing is not necessary anymore in order to lift a voice from a mix and get it up front.

While the Harmonics control will definitely change the perceived loudness of your mix, the actual volume will remain the same. Saturation is one of the most important keys to mixing in the box, particularly heavier music, and this plug delivers tons of tube vibe and thickness for days!

Wayte June 21, Harmonics good alternative to regular EQ. McDade February 20, Pros Instantly likeable saturation sound.

SPL TwinTube

XLR connector, electronically balanced, optionally transformer balanced Impedance: A great use for this one is to beef up VSTi synth leads that need a bit of body, and to We couldn’t wait to check out UA’s version.

Then slowly really slowly bring up the Saturation and feel teintube the level you like. The harmonic control is more like a cross between an enhancer and an EQ. Tired backing vocal and poorly recorded guitar saver. All-access artist interviews, spl twintube processor gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.


Hout December 4, It’s like adding the perfect sauce on your already perfect steak.

Harmonic Procesdor Harmonic distortion and limiting are the generally spl twintube processor “classic” tube effects, which are today cornerstones of much sound processing. There are a multitude of applications for the SPL TwinTube plug-in, and neither this article pocessor any one single person can cover it all.

When done correctly, further EQing oftentimes is not spl twintube processor needed to get the vocals to the front of the mix. There are four frequency settings that influence the nature of the overtones produced 2, 3, 6 and 10kHzand the overall effect ‘pushes’ that region to the foreground. Do not sound digital, if you use it “wisdomly” will improve your audio more than you could believe. Xpl actually gave us goose bumps.

Kervinen December 23, No Longer Available Update Location close.

Tips & Tricks — SPL TwinTube Processor Plug-In

View All Industry Reviews. Final mix Click to expand. For me this development for the uad platform is absolutely useless!