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It’s possible that the creator has been working on the hack and may release it one day. Why are there no Pokemon with level 18 there? How do I download this file, I am new to this website and I want to get into these Scroll down the first post, until you see “AshGray Beta 4. But it follows the manga instead of the anime like this one. Originally Posted by KostK2Boss. Good luck on this hack!

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I’ll check back to see how to hack progresses. This will open the secret entrance to Koga’s mansion. A new item – Berry Juice – will have come in. Mane August 28, at 7: Ayush Burnwal October 19, at 5: In order for the director to accept one of your Pokemon, you must upgrade its Toughness, Coolness, and Smartness.

Retro Game Room Categories. Shovraj December 13, at 6: Ayush Singh May 12, at 1: And I love the anime plz bro knukle update it as soon as possible. Knuckle San October 29, at 2: Continue this 1.56 to progress.


Pokemon AshGray ROM Download – GBAHacks

Download Pokemon Ash Gray Beta 4. Thank you knuckle san and I have downloaded pokemon advanture red in my psp and when i play it its really a good game.

Knuckle San December 31, at 2: Find threads started by. This looks pretty good so far. The intent of the riddle when it says you must “go back” is that you must hit the Back button while facing the back of the statue.

Pokemon Ash Gray (Hack) GBA ROM

While it is on my wish list for things I would like ggay hack to include, I am not advanced enough in hacking to accomplish it. Pallet Party Panic Episode If you get a white screen or can’t. Other Systems Arcade P. Find threads started by lia.

Yeah, once you find all 3 spheres in the Movie event the beta is over.

It looks really good, better than pokfmon I’ve seen in other anime remake hacks before. June 4th, 5: Aditya Vijay December 8, at 4: Believe it or not, these kind of games have been hanging around the Industry for a long time.


Mhr Zahid January 31, at 2: Or did you just download the ISP patch file and not know that you need to I’m playing the 3. Ignore Posts by Westrmistr.

If you are playing pokemon ashgray version metapod 23 gbz you earned all the 8 batches then go to prof: Sachin Nagar July 9, at 9: Find threads started by KostK2Boss. Originally Posted by Find threads started by SasukeCat. Originally Posted by someperson it shouldn’t mess up the game by adding tiles later