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Distortion Distortion is the phenomenon in which the center of the image appears inflated barrel distortion or the center of the image appears pinched pincushion distortion. For optimum camera performance, please read the Operating. Shooting Hi The shooting interval will increase as the camera buffer memory fills up. Available settings are displayed. Be sure to regularly make a backup of important data on a computer. When the number of recorded pixels is changed, the number of recordable images appears at the top right of the screen. Page Use the four-way controller Drive Mode 45 to select g.

pentax s-sw99

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Select two images you want to Images recorded in JPEG format are suited for viewing on your computer or for attaching to e-mail. Use the four-way controller 45 to select the number of images to display at the same time. Birds – s-zw99 day of practising. A displayed in the status screen and viewfinder.

Dial indicator The a features various shooting modes, enabling you to take pictures with settings suited for your photographic vision. Turn the e-dial and set the shutter AF.


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Protecting All Images Press the 4 button. Deleted images cannot be restored. Both cards are referred to as SD Memory Cards hereafter. In digital cameras, [sRGB] is defined as the standard by Exif. Use the four-way controller 23 to select [Save as] and press the 4 button. Be sure to read it and follow the instructions. Limited edition Pentax K-3 II.

For instance, if you take a picture of a pentx against a landscape with the aperture open, the landscape in front and behind the flower will be blurred, emphasizing only the flower. Expanded Sensitivity] in the [A Custom Setting 1] menu p. The [X Destination] screen appears. Page Use the four-way controller to select [Cross Processing] and press the 4 button.

Pentax K-x Operating Manual

A status screen and viewfinder. Lens Correction Reduces distortions and lateral chromatic aberrations occurring due to lens properties. Be sure to regularly make a backup of important data on a computer.


pentax s-sw99

Date 01 Next, set the time. Press the shutter release button fully.

Press again to return to P. Press the 3 button in Capture mode. Page You can set [7. Enter text from picture: The camera will select the optimal capture mode for the subject.

Click [Product Registration] on the screen in Step 3 on p. Connect the AC plug cord to the AC adapter. Status Bar 3Control Panel The shooting information and settings for the selected image appear in this panel. Four-way controller Moves the text selection cursor. If it is difficult to see the viewfinder image clearly, slide the diopter adjustment lever sideways.

pentax s-sw99

The multi-image display screen for the selected folder appears. Page Gives autofocus priority to detected faces and performs contrast autofocus.