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But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe Lao Tzu. Songs are suitably monotonous with very little variation between drum patterns, guitar work and vocals. Amorphis Queen Of Time. Actually, this is not a radical departure from the sound of the previous album, because the simple, repetitive droning riffing and the minimalistic song structures are still present in here. The songs are consistently well crafted, with the exception of “Distrust” being a little dull and not that great of a closer “Saw Your Drown” actually would have formed the perfect ending. So this review will be, naturally, of the re-release. Beautiful last paragraph This is one of my favourite albums.

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Each track has the same verse-chorus-verse format with notable exceptions being Gone which is far less rigid in terms of structure and the instrumental. So the band decided to pursue a new sound, however in doing so they katatonia discouraged ones not take any steps forward, but a few steps back. Nevertheless, or as a consequence of this, trying to pick standouts is a pointless labor.

Of course this lacks the metallic intensity of their early career yet I will argue that katatonia discouraged ones softer and stripped down approach of Discouraged Ones makes the music all the more effective. Katatonia has become an excellent doom metal Swedish quintet. Every person that listens to Discouraged Ones can take it personally. Again, it may sound like I’m describing a pop album, but the it’s the quality of all these things that separate it from such a silly tag.


The guitars bleed emotion all throughout the album. Though the sound is “lighter”, the results are probably more effective than in their previous albums. European Summer Tour 7. The songs drone on and on until they weave themselves into your head until you find it impossible to remove these suicidal hymns from your psyche.

Last Resort is by far my favorite on this one Advertise on Metal Storm. Just got dumped by your significant other? Taking inspiration from the shoe gazer scene, along with The Cure and Red House Painters, Katatonia do not abandon their metal roots.

It’s noteworthy that his vocals are closer to a dsicouraged than in later releases, reminding some, but not me, of Robert Smith.

Through its subtle melodies, minimal rhythms, and strongly melancholy moods, Discouraged Ones emerges as either a masterpiece, or else something very close.

Discouraged Ones

And whilst such imagery may conjure disgust with certain readers, I find the monochromatic atmosphere to be highly beneficial to the overall katatomia of the music.

The way in which Jonas will deliver his brilliant lyrics from now on is quite a love it or hate it case. This is the soundtrack to the miseries of life katatonia discouraged ones all must strive to overcome. Its one of my katatnoia from Katatonia For others it might be a good idea to listen before you buy.

KATATONIA Discouraged Ones(Vinyl) – Peaceville

In fact, a good way to describe the sound of this album would be Brave Murder Day meets Pornography. Katatonia is a band who knows where they come from and where they want to go in terms of musical direction, and this is merely a stepping stone in the right direction, and a brilliant one katatonia discouraged ones that.


To all who enjoy music that is joyless and unrelentingly bleak, buy this album. This is, as has been said again and again, something completely different than “Brave Murder Day”. Feral Flesh For Funerals Eternal.

Their katatonia discouraged ones is my favorite, and this is the album that catches them right on the dot of the transition. Straight out of the early 90’s doom metal scene, Katatonia, an overlooked prodigal son was pushing boundaries, though not in the way you would expect. However, that would be the end of their existence as a heavy metal band. Katatonia have retained some of the elements from their roots however, especially on this release. So this review will be, naturally, of the re-release.

Many say this is a sell out, a more rock based sound. This general statement exactly describes this Katatonia opus. Those mumbling, sedated vocals, the compulsive scratching of monotonous guitar riffs, and a general feeling of floating miles away from what’s really going on make ‘Discouraged Ones’ a bleak and aching experience. The guitars take the melancholic sound that they had established on the prior release to a new level. With an all star line-up including none only thank Jonas Renkse and Blackheim, i discourated katatonia discouraged ones expectations upon the release of this katatonia discouraged ones, especially as it was the follow up to the simply astounding “Brave Murder Day”.