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Supplementary to the statements made above, methods applicable to FEM were developed, such as the calculation of notch influence with regard to the relative stress gradient or consideration of the interaction of different stress-tensors by using the method of the “critical cutting plane”. HyperWorks – professional analytical software As technology develops, design and analytical needs grow. Design and analytical services Project preparation or professional analysis does not necessarily involve the employment of dedicated engineers. Acquiring knowledge and implementing new solutions is an extremely important factor in improving the design and analytical processes. FEMFAT is a comprehensive tool that provides quick and reliable answers concerning the design release of components. Read the latest post.

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Design and analytical services Project preparation or professional analysis does not necessarily involve the employment of dedicated engineers. Efficiency and high quality are an absolute must for doftware our customers. It increases the reliability fmfat robustness of components in the automotive industry as well as in machinery and plant construction. The FEMFAT simulation method and approach is based on decades of constant correlation between fatigue life prediction and fatigue femfat software testing in multiple internal and external development programs.

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Comprehensive Fatigue Analysis Tool | FEMFAT

Additionally to consideration of complex multi-axial loadings an assessment of welding seams as well as spot welds and self-piercing rivets in steel femfat software aluminum can be carried out. To save significant time and costs during development process, complex multi-axial methods help to compare customer usage to test tracks or to simple test procedures. This video does not contain sound, but does include subtitles View the Video.


Therefore it is possible to improve critical areas and ensure weight optimization from beginning on, which results in high grade prototypes and consequently leads to femfat software development loops.

MotionSolve Integrated solution to analyze and optimize multi-body system performance. Through extensive customer partnership, MotionSolve is thoroughly validated for quality, robustness and speed.

As technology develops, design and analytical needs grow.

FEM postgraduate studies Together with Gdansk University of Technology we co-organize postgraduate studies “Computer simulations for engineers” Read more.

You do not need to install the Java environment. Check out the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Very few modifications of settings are required to carry out a fatigue analysis. Additional Links Subscribe to join our Newsletter Learn about product training, news, events and more. Enabling users to consider anisotropic parts.

This way, our customers can take advantage of femfat software expertise femfat software experienced designers and analysts without increasing their own team or purchasing the specialized software.

Magna Powertrain presents FEMFAT

Valentin offers modular software solutions for calculation and simulation in the field of vehicle development and production. Components undergoing thermo-mechanical loadings can be assessed considering effects of material plasticity, elevated temperature oxidation and creep. Main areas of our activity:. Therefore, it is important femfat software invest in software that effectively implements the increasing requirements and allows for flexible selection of tools.

A wide range of graphic expenditure possibilities exists, such as three-dimensional plots of Rainflow or Damage matrices, Waterfall or Campbell results.


Overview Video Learn More. FEMFAT is a comprehensive tool that provides quick and reliable answers concerning the design release of femfat software. HyperWorks is a platform that femffat only helps you to conduct complex endurance analyzes but also reduces the number of prototypes you need. Altair HyperWorks Environment We offer professional software that allows you to perform numerical analyses on your own Read more.

FEM postgraduate studies

Its graphic user interface guides the user step by step. FEMFAT Finite Element Method Fatigue performs fatigue analyses in combination with all leading finite element systems considering a multitude of fatigue influences including stress gradient, mean stress and various influences from production processes. This made FEMFAT one of the leading fatigue analysis applications in the automotive industry and femfat software the basis for its worldwide acceptance.

Trainings that increase the team competencies It is important that as femfat software needs of the company grow, the competencies of the engineering team grow as well. The FEMFAT software, developed continuously over the course of the last femfat software years, enjoys great trust far beyond the realm of the automotive industry and is considered the tool of choice for numerical softwre analysis. Overview Video Learn More Loading We are highly satisfied by the correlation between simulation and fatigue tests on our engine test benches.