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What does he have to offer a lady of her station. It rustled to his booted feet. Nathaniel was the opposite in that he was the farthest from naive it was possible to get. They were not very nice to each other. The Rumor 4 books. Bernadette was also hit and miss for me. Matthew was Irish-American and the heir to a really prosperous newspaper when their accountant, a former friend, was caught embezzling all of their funds.

delilah marvelle forever a lady

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After Madvelle unwillingly comes deoilah his rescue she kicks Matthew out of her life. I scribe I spent my youth studying various languages, reading voraciously, and playing the marvdlle. I also very much enjoyed learning more about life in the Five Points; the contrast between it and the life of NYC’s uppercrust was very well-drawn, and the author obviously did a lot of research.

And she was not going to be upstaged after that hip-grinding, breast-tweaking display her brother had to witness. To my distress, King Arthur was never to be found anywhere except for in the tip of my quill. Nathaniel was the opposite in that he was the farthest from naive it was possible to get. Peterson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Together with his friend, Matthew Milton, he velilah the Forty Thieves and is committed to protecting those vulnerable people living in the slums.


View all 4 comments. Sep 23, Nessa rated it it was amazing. Thank you Delilah Marvelle for making my reading experience so right! You get the feel of the time fully.

delilah marvelle forever a lady

The sex was hot. Her vivid writing allowed me to picture myself cantering alongside Lady Bernadette in the park or seeing the appalling state of Five Points through Matthew’s eyes.

Forever a Lord (Rumor, book 3) by Delilah Marvelle

You can hide from yourself, but you cannot deny who you really are A boy of the streets Lord Nathaniel James Atwood grew up to be a man that thrived in the boxing ring. Dec 31, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. And after he had indulged himself to the brim? This part didn’t feel like it had much plot, though. Matthew Georgia’s one eyed thieving stepson. And it also made her soar knowing she was at long last getting to see who he really was. Otherwise, Forever a Delila was a delilay book.

Does no one else find this to be an immediate sign to turn and flee at high speed with a dozen bodyguards in tow? He quirked a dark brow.

Tough Guy fell in love, he was so adorable. But he’s very sweet. You’re a Delilah Marvelle fan. Both characters were great and the chemistry was just too intimate to not love at all. Decent read but a disappointment to the series.


Review – Forever a Lady by Delilah Marvelle

Matthew and Coleman then create the Forty Thieves gang. Forevwr love that no character in her menagerie is conventional but utterly memorable. At first, his decision to return to London is fueled with confronting his father and killing him in cold blood, but forrever sister’s family steps in to reason with him and make him see the error of that path, so Nathaniel changes course and decides to claim his name, yet humiliate his father by becoming the most feared boxer.

Loved loved loved this story!

Forever a Lord (The Rumor, #3) by Delilah Marvelle

She still clung to him, unable to move. I scribe I spent my youth studying various languages, reading voraciously, and playing the pianoforte.

delilah marvelle forever a lady

They meet again in New York when Matthew faces an uprising from his gang who has targeted Bernadette. He grows up rou Loved it!