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Uncreation was initially due to be released on October 17, , but was delayed to January 20, , according with statement of vocalist Veronica Freeman:. Was that the idea? Nova describe The Intergalactic Traveler as: Frontiers , Locomotive Music. Recommended to ‘true metal’ dudes everywhere.

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BENEDICTUM | Obey – Nuclear Blast

Recommended to ‘true metal’ dudes everywhere. Loading … Buy this album. Archived from the original on 2 February As they say, everything happens for a reason, so it’s all good. Views Read Edit View history.

Benedictum would also leave their original record company, Locomotive Benedictum obey, and sign a new deal with Frontiers Records. Benedictum returns with another album of their convincing and entertaining classic American heavy and power metal. It’s also a song where Benedictum brings more rock groove and general catchy accessibiliity.

After signing with Locomotive Records, Benedictum entered in the studio to record their debut album with production by Jeff Pilson and mixing by Pilson and former Warlock member Tommy Henriksen. Prepare to kneel down in obedience.

Benedictum – Wikipedia

Archived benedictum obey the original on I had an extensive knowledge about what bands sounded like who back then, knowledge that would have come in handy when trying to describe this production by Benedictum.

This is our inaugural release, which makes it all the more important that things are set up properly. Then, of course, there’s vocalist Veronica Freeman’s vocals which can range from somberness benedictum obey on Cry featuring Tony Martin Black Sabbath ,et al to raging metal as on the title cut or Scream. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Username Password Remember Me. All Rights Reserved No part of this this website, including design and music reviews, may be reproduced in any form or by obye means without the prior written permission of the publisher.


Heavy metal dudes and fools! Heavy benedictum obey musical groups from California Musical groups from San Diego Musical groups established in Donate to House of Prog. Otherwise, Obey is pretty much straight Benedictum obey heavy metal from the start to finish. Garnering strong reviews for Uncreationincluding a “bands to watch in ” pick by the British magazine Classic Rockthe band toured Europe for the first time in the summer of that same year, kicking things off at Italy’s massive Gods of Metal festival near Milan.

Debut Album Due in January”. Benedictum is an American heavy metal band formed in in San Diego, Obry that now resides in Phoenix, Benedictum obey. Most time the pace is swift as with Apex Nation or Fracture; benedictkm more moderate as with Die to Love You, likely my least favorite song here, and the finishing longer epic feel of Retrograde. These two seasoned gig-goers have been to gigs between them this past year. Was that the idea?

Benedictum returns with the fourth album, expecting you to Obey. The character of their metal has always had a heavy and dark feeling due mostly to the lyrical content, deep rhythm section, and Peter Well’s thick, working class, riffage.


Heavy metalpower metal.


With regard to Seasons of TragedyAllmusic reviewer Stewart Mason stated that “Singer Veronica Freeman has a powerful, hectoring voice, similar at times to Grace Slick ‘s potent bellow from the Jefferson Starship days, and keyboardist Chris Morgan prefers to add subtle coloration and powerful drone parts rather than lame Keith Emerson -style benedictum obey.

Archived from the original on 19 June Since their formation the band released three studio albumsdebuting with Uncreation infollowed by Seasons of Tragedy inboth through MadridSpain-based label Locomotive Musicbefore signing with Italian label Frontiers Records for their third album, Dominionissued in Vocalist Freeman comes across as a versatile singer in the aggressive mold, emphasizing the aggressive tendencies with rough snarls of a gender defying quality but also capable of powerful melodic oriented deliveries, a singer that reminds me of Benedictum obey Leone from good, old Chastain the band, not the man.

I experience this CD as some kind of tour de force through the different varieties of metal explored back then. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.