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We are very eagerly looking forward to Mr. I think it stems from his simple yet impactful-captivating-articulate style of presentation that is punctuated with entertaining anecdotes, examples and thoughts and the riveting session was all applause both on depth and breadth of useful content as well as delivery. The Casino Job When best friends — Rohan the maverick hacker, Hardik the simpleton and Mallika the college charmer — go to Goa, they only have fun and sun on their mind. Ethical Hacking Course with Benefits. Really it is an amazing article I had ever read. The crowd immensely appreciated the way the technical details were explained.

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The Casino Job When best friends — Rohan the maverick hacker, Hardik the simpleton and Mallika the college charmer — go to Goa, they only have fun and sun on their mind.


Ankit Fadia Hacking eBooks Collection is Here !!

The session was made more comprehensive by various demonstrations, which was enjoyed by the students. Even at the organizational level, sir was a pleasure to deal with. But it no more is a terror to face any criminal online Well, got a good knowledge. Setting Webserver- Host Webpages on your own compu The paper visits the new vulnerabilities introduced by web applications and discuss the thinking applied to discover such vulnerabilities.


He was very sharp in his speech and the main thing about him was that he is very punctual in timings. Feedback from all the ffadia is praise for useful information given by Ankit Fadia sir on the subject matter.

Hacking Mobile Phones 5. This is an awesome post. There were so ankit fadia email hacking ebook things in the IT sector which were always there but thanks to you we got to explore them in new ways.

We really enjoyed all the sessions and the way the trainer incorporated case studies, practicals and theory to make the training very interesting and memorable. Not only the audience but the whole Sakal team was completely spell bound during the talk.

But if there were more live hacking demonstrations then the workshop would have been far better. Yes, you learn Hacking while listening to him, but what you also get alongside, is an insight into the working of a Genius. He redefined the difference between Hackers and Crackers ankit fadia email hacking ebook the audience.

The event was very well received by the crowd and proved to be a stepping stone for more such endeavors to come. Have fun with the remaining portion of the year.

Ankit Fadia Hacking eBooks Collection is Here !! ~ Coders Core

Really very informative and creative contents. Wonderful article, very useful and well explanation.


It was an eye opener for the ones who thought that just surfing was safe enough. Ankit Fadia conducted the workshop which was obliged by a overwhelming response of participants. He started his site named ‘HackingTruths’.

The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking 2. Post your Doubts on Online Forum. I appreciated what you ok ebiok here. Thanks for posting this info. I know you feel more happy when you get things done and best of all those things are your most precious treasure. The question-answer session was hakcing a hit!

Official Website of Ankit Fadia.

We are deeply honored to have organized an event for him! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. He was able to equally provide valuable take-home skills for serious technology members and techno-phobe spouses who attended the event.

The 8-hr workshop on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security was one of the finest that we have seen! Looking forward for Ethical Hacking rbook. Thank you for this brief explanation and very nice information.